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Some old time friends had agreed to set up a pleasant association, to meet amongst themselves at least once a month, in a cool, shady spot in summer, before a fireplace in winter.
They were educated people, loyal and courteous, and they loved to eat good food, sit around and talk frankly, and make music together, five or six of them.
Friends, that’s what I said, or rather, great friends, but each with his own ideas, reasons and demands in playing their instruments, so that when they were making music they never would agree.
In conclusion, they were friends for life, but “mai intesi”, “never of the same opinion” (Mai Intees).:

Di amis del temp passaa s’eren intés
de mett in pee ona bella societaa,
trovandes tra de lor, al fresch d’estaa
d’inverna al foeugh, almen ‘na volta al més.

Eren gent istruii, lejal, cortés,
col gust del mangià ben, del stà settaa
a conversà polid e, se ven faa,
sonà quaj instrument in cinqu o sés.

Amis, ho ditt, anzi amisoni ma.
ognun cont i sò idej, coi sò reson,
e finna in del sonà coi sò pretés,

de sort che in del sonà
no andaven mai d’accord. In conclusìon,
amis anch per la pell, ma mai intés.